Testovorin Depot-250

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  • Package: 250 mg/amp. (10 amp.)
  • Substance: testosterone enanthate

Testoviron Depot 1ml 250mg / 1ml BM Pharmaceuticals

Testoviron Depot 1ml 250mg/1ml BM Pharmaceuticals is a prototype of natural testosterone. It has a high activity, the duration of which lasts for 14 days. Under the influence of the drug, the muscles start to grow rapidly, the strength indicators increase. If at the same time still adhere to a special diet, you can quickly and easily get rid of unwanted adipose tissue.

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The positive effect of the drug

Testoviron Depot has a very wide range of positive properties, which include the following:

  • muscle mass starts to increase very quickly;
  • increase endurance and strength;
  • begins to increase libido;
  • quickly regenerate tissue;
  • burns unwanted fatty tissue;
  • ligaments and joints strengthen, begin to function better;
  • has an aroma effect;
  • generally well influences the whole athlete's body.

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