Testoheal Gel (Testogel)

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  • Substance: testosterone gel

Appearance: gel for external use.

Purpose Testoheal Gel

Substitution treatment for a deficiency of testosterone. Pituitary Nanizm.

Limitations Testoheal Gel

Carcinoma of the mammary gland or a tendency to it; prostate cancer, hypersensitivity. Not assigned to women and children. It is highly balanced recommended for cancer, cardiac, renal and hepatic dysfunction, coronary artery disease, elevated blood pressure, epilepsy, migraine.

Testoheal Gel Use Recommendation

Optimally - 5 g / day, once. Better in the morning, at the same time. Maximum - 10 g. Portions increase smoothly, at 2.5 g / day.

Apply to washed, dried skin with an intact coat in the shoulder, forearm and / or abdomen areas. Apply a few minutes before dressing, give the gel to soak. After use, wash hands well.

Compatibility Testoheal Gel

In parallel with indirect anticoagulants, an increase in the effectiveness of the latter is provoked. It is important to monitor the prothrombin time during the course Testogel. In parallel with ACTH or corticosteroids, puffiness is provoked.

Negative symptoms Testogel

Allergy in the treatment area, erythema, acne, drying of the skin. Sometimes polycythemia, distortion of lipid processes, distortion of the prostate gland, increase in the mammary glands, mastodinia, headache, dizziness, distortion of sensitivity, memory lapses, emotional depression, increase in blood pressure, diarrhea, hair loss are recorded.

Storage requirements Testogel

Out of the reach of children, at a temperature of up to 25 ° C. Use before the expiration of 3 years.

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