Provironos 50

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  • Substance: mesterolone

Provironos 50 mg is a steroid drug of predominant androgenic over anabolic properties. In sports practice it is recommended mainly for men and is used for solving various problems: from the development of results on drying to the prevention of side effects of other steroids, such as a decrease in libido.

You can buy Provironos 50 from the Pharmacom pharmacological company (Pharmacom), which has proven itself on the anabolic steroid market. It is produced in the form of tablets, 50

Provironos 50 mg and dosage:

When using the drug the recommended daily dosage is the norm of 50-100 mg. Experienced athletes divide this dose into 2 doses. The duration of the drug depends on what role you are using it. This can be a combined course, or after a course of therapy.

Provironos 50 Side effects:

Basically, the drug does not cause side effects during courses, but rather contributes to supporting the body during joint courses. The drug is not toxic to the liver.

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