Pharma Tren H100

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  • Substance: trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Pharma Tren H100 is an anabolic and androgenic steroid based on trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. This ester is characterized by a long period of action, which makes it possible to reduce the frequency of injections to 1 injection per 7–10 days. Trenbolone is mainly used to build muscle and increase strength. Steroid has a very high anabolic (500% of testosterone) and androgenic activity (400%). The time of detection in the body - up to 5 months.

Effects of taking

  • Pronounced increase in muscle mass.
  • The increase in power indicators.
  • Stimulation of the production of growth hormone.
  • Suppression of catabolic processes.
  • Reduction of body fat.
  • Increased libido on the course with a possible fall after it.

How to take Pharma Tren H100

The course Pharma Tren H100 is carried out for 5-6 weeks. The average dosage is about 300 milligrams per week. At the same time, experienced athletes often increase it. It is not recommended for beginners to do this because of the risk of adverse reactions.

Trenbolone significantly suppresses the secretion of its own testosterone, and therefore from the second week of the course gonadotropin is switched on - 500-1000 IU, until the end of the second week after discontinuation of the drug. PCT is performed by Toremifen or Klomod. The more popular Tamoxifen cannot be used because it enhances progestin side effects. Restoring the level of endogenous testosterone is possible with the help of boosters: it usually takes 2–4 weeks to normalize hormonal levels.

Properly chosen sports nutrition and diet increase the effectiveness of AAS. As for how to take Farmatren in combination, it must be said that for gaining muscle mass, you can not use additional funds (professionals connect testosterone enanthate), and combinations with Anavar or Winstrol are effective in “drying”.

Pharma Tren H100 Side effects

Pharma Tren-H in men is also able to develop due to androgenic and progestogenic activities. Not excluded: acne, greasy skin, strong suppression of testosterone synthesis, decreased libido (tren-dick), testicular atrophy, elevated blood pressure, lipomastia or gynecomastia, and other disorders characteristic of prolonged androgenic and progestogenic effects.

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