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In bodybuilding, the main purpose of Max-Drol application is to set a large weight in a short time interval (for a solo course - up to 15 kg). It is quite obvious that at such a speed, not all of the weight gained will be a muscle mass. The impact of Max-Drol is accompanied by the accumulation of excess water and fat in the tissues. It is very difficult to retain the result obtained on Oxymetholone by means of post-course therapy. Often, a rollback destroys the results even when switching to lighter hormones. Talking about the preservation of the mass with the complete rejection of hormonal support is not even necessary.


  • As one of the fastest steroids for weight gain, Anadrol stimulates pronounced muscle growth. When rolled back to 30% can leave with water and excess fat.
  • Increased collagen synthesis eliminates joint pain in a number of athletes. The work of the musculoskeletal system is improving. However, not all athletes note this effect.
  • Significantly increased strength.
  • Reducing the level of globulin that binds sex hormones, allows you to more effectively act your own testosterone and other anabolic drugs.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Erythrocyte content increases.

Max-Drol Side effects

The most negative effect of Max-Drol is an increase in pressure caused by excess water and fatty tissues. Also, there are cases:

  • nausea and loss of appetite;
  • increased hostility;
  • diarrhea;
  • gynecomastia.

Given the toxicity of Max-Drol for the liver, with large doses or prolonged courses, therapy is needed to support the work of the liver. Reducing the steroid sensitivity to insulin makes it unsuitable for diabetics.

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