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Liv.52 is a combination herbal preparation with hepatoprotective, antitoxic, antioxidant and choleretic action. In Australia, it protects liver cells from various toxic effects, improves the synthetic function of the liver (this is especially important for us), improves the flow of bile, stimulates appetite and helps to improve digestion.

Sold in any pharmacy without a prescription in packs of 100 tablets. For 150-200 rubles, we have a high-quality and most importantly, safe drug to stimulate anabolic processes in the body. I think this is a big plus Liv.52.

Tablets are gray-green. They contain a bunch of different herbs, seeds, roots and fruits of various exotic and not very plants from India. I will not list all of them. If desired, the Internet can be found without problems.

In medical practice, Liv.52 is used to treat various liver diseases. I will not frighten you with terrible names, I hope you will never hear them.

For us, Liv.52 is interesting primarily for its ability to enhance protein synthesis in the liver, accelerate the regeneration processes of damaged tissue and stimulate the digestive processes, which is important in the conditions of enhanced nutrition.

By the way, Liv.52 along with potassium orotate, riboxin is used in many schemes of pharmacological support of professional athletes in different periods of the training process. If you train to gain muscle mass, along with proper nutrition, you need to take this medication.

How to take Liv.52

Take the drug should be 2 tablets 3 times a day during the meal. Tablets can be chewed and washed down with water. Have a bitter taste. It is necessary to take courses for approximately 1 month, optimally in the second half of the training cycle, when the load reaches its maximum and additional potential is needed for recovery.

If you are taking steroid drugs, for example, methandrostenolone, then taking Liv.52 is simply vital. This will save your liver from the toxic effects of the decay products of methandrostenolone.

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