Klenprime 40

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  • Package: 40 mcg/tab. (50 tab.)
  • Substance: clenbuterol hydrochloride

The effects of taking Klenprime 40 on the body are the following factors:

  • decreases the performance of substances that contribute to the creation of fat reserves;
  • fatty acids are released from adipose tissue;
  • muscle catabolism is prevented;
  • adrenaline synthesis increases - a substance that has the strongest fat burning effect.

As a result, the drug contributes to the very rapid burning of the fat layer, which leads to the manifestation of muscle relief.

In its price range, Klenprime 40 has practically no equal in power to its peers - this drug can be safely called one of the best fat burners.

Moreover, its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven by ongoing research (not to mention the experience of a huge number of athletes who took it).

Effects of Klenprime 40

  • Burning fat and drying muscles
  • Increase strength
  • Temperature rise
  • Reduced appetite
  • Mental activation
  • Anti-catabolic effect
  • Anabolic action

The low frequency of side effects, the almost complete absence of harm to health (practice shows that irreversible side effects are almost completely absent) and a wide range of positive effects make clenbuterol one of the best fat burners in bodybuilding.

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