Insulin 100IU

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Considering the effects of this known hormone on the body, Insulin 100IU is widely used in bodybuilding. It is up to him to transport glucose in muscle and fatty tissues, and its reception has a pronounced anabolic and anti-catabolic effect and reduces the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Effect of taking Insulin 100IU

There are several types of effects that a hormone has on the human body.

1. The metabolic effect of insulin injection, which implies:

  • enhanced absorption of various substances by cells, including glucose;
  • stimulation of glycolysis enzymes;
  • boosting muscle and liver cells with glucose;
  • decrease in the formation of glucose in the liver.

2. The anabolic effect of taking an insulin course is to enhance:

  • amino acid uptake by cells;
  • transportation of potassium ions into cells;
  • DNA replication;
  • protein biosynthesis.

3. Anti-catabolic effect is:

  • reducing protein degradation;
  • reduction of fatty acids in the blood.

It is difficult to determine the best insulin for bodybuilding. The most commonly recommended drug is short-acting (short) and ultrashort (ultrashort). The first type of drug begins in half an hour. After 5-6 hours, the effect of the introduction of the hormone disappears. Ultrashort begins to affect the body 15 minutes after administration.

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