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It is known that Aquaviron testosterone suspension is a special injectable sports drug, which is based on water use. Due to the poor dissolution of testosterone in water, aquavirone pretty quickly settles at the bottom of the capsule for use and injection. If the bottle is shaken before use, the steroid (used drug) will immediately turn into a suspension. That is why experts recommend shaking the cloth before use.

Bodybuilders know that suspension is a powerful mass builder. She is considered the strongest and most affordable injectable steroid that provides rapid build-up of strength and muscle mass. This is mainly due to the rapid action of the drug, since the steroid dissolved in water enters the blood immediately after injection. When taking a slow-acting oil steroid, such as Sustanon, it will be weeks before the testosterone level reaches a peak. In the case of suspension, this is a matter of several days. If the athlete takes a suspension for 30 days, the increase in muscle mass will be noticeable (during this time Sustanon will only begin to act normally). It is clear that the anabolic effect will be achieved faster than with the use of essential oil preparations.


It is believed that Aquaviron 25 mg will be sufficient to enter every other day or two days during the course. This is the dose that can be as effective as possible. As for the dosage - from 50 to 300 mg per injection. Those athletes who wish to achieve the maximum effect in a short time, inject, as already stated above, about 150 mg of testosterone per day.

Side effects.

It is known that when a bodybuilder uses Aquaviron 25mg/ml, he will notice intense growth of hair on his face, as well as other parts of the body. Inflammation of certain parts of the body can also occur - the appearance of acne, some areas of the skin will be fatter. As for the level of aggression - it will be at the limit. People who buy aquaviron 25 mg are in a state of heightened aggression during the entire course.

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