It is no secret that many female bodybuilders use testosterone esters to enhance muscle growth. Incidentally, about 12 years ago, before I left the UK, I knew a few involved in the women's competition, which took Sustanon 250, using a dose of 250 milligrams per week!

Let me show you two examples of doses used by females when it comes to testosterone...

50-100 milligrams per week of testosterone enanthate or cypionate

200-250 milligrams of Testoviron or Sustanon every two weeks

Despite the fact that the dose of the second example can be considered a fairly strong dose first is probably average when it comes to the use of testosterone by women and participating and not participating in the competition. However, surprisingly, both drugs and their doses are prescribed to women by prescription. Before some risky women will take and will call the doctor to make an appointment, I hasten to inform you that you should know the conditions for the application of the above testosterone therapy. To take advantage of this special offer you must diagnose gender dysphoria. In other words, you must be a woman in a woman's body feels uncomfortable and wants to change their sex, thus beginning the process of development of typical male characteristics (and I don't mean a reluctance to seek help if you are lost!).

Now, when you suddenly became a keen desire to call the doctor, let us consider the changes experienced by women using testosterone therapy with a minimum dose mentioned (i.e., 50-100 milligrams per week).

Irreversible changes

Reduction in tone of voice
Hair growth on face and body
The male-pattern baldness
Clitoral enlargement
Possible shrinking and/or softening of Breasts (which is often the result of the distribution of body fat)

Reversible changes

Increased libido
Redistribution of body fat
The cessation of ovulation and menstruation
Sweating and changes in body odor
The bulge of veins and coarser skin
Change blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides)
The increase in the number of red blood cells

Of course, in addition still it is necessary to mention psychological changes, because hormone levels can significantly affect the workings of the brain. Testosterone therapy is often causes increased sex drive and increased confidence. The use of exogenous testosterone by women can also affect their psycho-sexual behavior. What about the increase in aggression, despite information from various media, this symptom does not always occur. First of all, it depends on the temperament of the woman and her sensitivity to androgens. Incidentally, in the case of TRANS-men (women who have changed their sex to male), they are experiencing relief after they finally started to use hormonal therapy, usually reduces their aggressiveness during performances compared to those observed before treatment.

Preferred drugs for females to males genitally

When TRANS-men prescribed testosterone, the main goal of this therapy is to completely get rid of female sexual characteristics – female bodybuilders, it you note!

As mentioned earlier, for this purpose prescribe testosterone esters: testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. Enanthate is preferable because it provides a more even release of testosterone. However, some people tolerate one drug better than another due to the composition of compounds and individual body chemistry. In Europe Sustanon is widely distributed and relatively new Nebido (testosterone undecanoate). The advantage of Nebido is only that needed to maintain the proper level of testosterone requires only four doses per year. However, each dose requires injection four milliliters of testosterone undecanoate, which may require multiple simultaneous injections. In addition, Nebido is a fairly expensive drug.

Can also be prescribed orally administered androgens at a dose of Andriol in the range of 160-240 milligrams per day. Andriol is an oral form of nebido. Quite interestingly, these steroids as Masterson and fluoxymesterone, are considered too weak to cause virilization.

And again about women bodybuilders

Over the last few decades, the cases of participation in the competition, transgender athletes in various sports. However, they do due to gender dysphoria. It is also interesting to note that many TRANS men are fond of bodybuilding before you decide to take hormones to create a more masculine figure. As for female bodybuilders, it is mainly their use of testosterone has nothing to do with gender dysphoria. They take testosterone to enhance muscle growth.

Unfortunately many of them don't know about the delayed consequences of their actions. Increased muscle mass comes along with irreversible side effects and psychological blow after the discovery of these effects, which can truly Express themselves only after these women bodybuilders retire and their competitive days are finished. I wonder how those of my friends women who took Sustanon 250, to cope with these side effects now that they are not in competition? Of course, many of them remain in bodybuilding behind the scenes and so, I think that they do not have such serious psychological problems. However, what about those women who left the sport, how they adapt to the androgynous appearance and irreversible secondary sexual characteristics (e.g., low voice, increased facial hair, the overall increase in the amount of hair on the body)? Perhaps imagining the whole picture, it should be noted that any woman, reflecting on the use of testosterone changes in figures in the direction of muscularity, must, first of all, think about the long-term effects instead of short-term results.

Another point of view

Recently by email, I received a letter from a woman bodybuilder from San Francisco, where she presented a different point of view on this issue. She pondered the idea of sex change, however, felt that starting bodybuilding, I began to feel more comfortable in your own body, and refused radical measures. I'm sure its psychological warehouse is fairly unique and is also sure that there are many people who consider it an insult to the sport. However, you have to take into account the fact that bodybuilding has given her a fresh Outlook on life and changed physical rejection to physical acceptance. I was curious to know, did she ever testosterone in your bodybuilding career. This was followed by her candid response (out of respect I don't reveal her name)...

"I originally started bodybuilding to change shape so that I liked her. I wanted to get more powerful – some would say more masculine – body. I suffered these gender issues from a very early age. Even remember asking relatives about sex change operations when I was about 6 years old! And when I was twenty, I was desperately trying to become "ideal woman", despite the fact that he has trained with the aim to build muscle. I came even before I was married and tried to be "super wife"...needless to say, this didn't work out.

Divorce followed after 2 years. Then I went to the gender specialist, I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and prescribed hormone treatment. I took hormones for almost 3 months and during that time went through a "second puberty". I have a broken voice, grown hair on the face, and there was a small amount of acne. In the end, I decided to stop therapy, but I can't remember a specific reason. However, I do know that part in bodybuilding competitions filled my soul. Testosterone? Sometimes I thought he was. Can I recommend its use to other women for achieving pure bodybuilding purposes? Definitely not!

When you are taking testosterone, you need to fully understand that no matter how you dotiruet, you are, in fact, accept transgender drug. You will have to show substantial and irreversible changes, maybe not immediately, but they will begin to assert themselves slowly but surely. I belong to a very small group of people who feel comfortable in what is called "androgynous zone". If you have no real gender, then testosterone you do not need!"

A powerful and ambiguous words...yet these words give food for thought. How do you react to them, and especially how you will react to the whole article, it is not yet clear. This is only one side of the use of testosterone by women. Next time I'm going to review the therapeutic use of testosterone in the treatment of women from depression, fatigue, and weak libido. And in the meantime I recommend to think carefully before you assign yourself testosterone. Because that way you buy yourself a one way ticket to... Germofrodity Area!

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