Fliban 100

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  • Substance: flibanserin

Flibanserin 100 mg is the active ingredient of the newest drug Fliban 100, a generic brand of proprietary names - Addyi, Womenra. A completely new and possible revolutionary tool for solving problems with female frigidity, increasing sexual activity and attraction of healthy women. This is not a “female Viagra” for you - a scam with a male pink-colored Sildenafil tablets that is already known, which will not be clear and the meaning of the method is not known.

Flibanserin is a completely different drug, developed in the United States and has already passed a series of studies, it has been proven that the number of satisfying sexual acts in test women increases up to two times. Increases blood circulation in the pelvic part of the female body, increases the flow to the female genital organs, increasing sensitivity, makes the process more acute and more subtle perception.

1 tablet = 100 mg, the recommended dosage is 50-100 mg.
Works - 30-40 minutes after admission.
Duration of work - up to 6 hours.

Compatibility with alcohol - not recommended, reducing efficiency.
Possible adverse reactions when exceeding the individual dosage - lowering pressure, headache, redness of individual parts of the body.

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