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A professional athlete knows how to use dostinex in bodybuilding. It is not an easy task to align the balance of natural processes in the body, accustoming it to new actions. And in order to have not only an attractive appearance, but also a healthy body, it is necessary to harmonize the work of all organs and preparations that are used for muscle growth.

Dostinex Bodybuilding:

What is Dostinex is a drug that lowers the level of proctolin in the body. For a person who does not have a medical education, it is difficult to perceive incomprehensible terms. Find out what proctoline is. This is a peptide hormone or one of the constituent cells of the pituitary gland, which is responsible for reproduction. In the human body, it is expressed through the mammary glands. Therefore, in women during lactation, proctoline is responsible for processing colostrum into full-fledged milk to feed the infant. Its functions include control of the growth and development of the mammary glands. In men, proctolinum (causes of increased prolactin) directly affects the sex life, as well as the state of cheerfulness, strength of mind and good mood. After all, from a low level of peptide hormone, or vice versa, a high level - the balance of the full-fledged functionality of the male body is disturbed: blood pressure falls, the level of libido decreases, and a negative effect on the nervous system occurs. The normalized level of peptide hormone, affecting the physical body, is expressed by the stable psyche, strength of mind and energy of a man, which is very important for personal and sporting life. Instead of dosintex in a pharmacy, you can offer other drugs with the following names: cabergoline bergolak alaktin kabaser agalates

How does Dostinex work?

Cabergolin (Dostinex) first went on sale in 1980 in America. Today the drug is in demand and allowed in all countries of Europe, Russia and Asia. The action of the drug:

  • increases sexual desire;
  • stimulates an erection;
  • allows you to quickly restore the strength of men after intercourse;
  • removes excess fluid from the body;
  • accelerates muscle growth;
  • normalizes pressure.

You should not get carried away with a therapeutic agent. By reducing prolactin, you can get the opposite effect: there may be a feeling of depression or skin rash, the body's defenses will decrease.

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