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Avanafil Many men face the problem of erectile dysfunction. In the case when it is not solved in a timely manner, problems may arise in the relationship. After all, the impossibility of persistent, long-lasting erection entails self-doubt, often depression, and partner dissatisfaction negatively affects communication between loved ones.

Fortunately, modern pharmacological drugs can successfully solve the problems arising in the sexual sphere. Avana is a type of medicine that aims to treat erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to modern production technologies, avana has virtually no adverse effects on the body. The action of the drug is much more effective than similar in composition medicines.

The most important feature is its ability to combine with small doses of alcohol. Taking a drug before a date, after a meeting with a partner, you can drink up to three glasses of wine or up to three hundred grams of vodka with him. Studies have confirmed that such doses do not affect the action of the drug, and do not affect the general state of health during sexual intercourse. It is beneficial to buy Avana 200 mg from us, we offer a price that is affordable for most consumers.

The drug Avana 200 mg is not harmful to health, and side effects are short-lived and moderately pronounced. These include impairment of hearing or vision, back pain, inflammation of the nasopharyngeal mucosa. If you do not find any negative effects after taking, contact us to buy Avana 200 mg on our online store website.

Problems with sex life today are familiar not only to men of the older generation. Pretty young guys face them. The reasons for this can be a variety of factors, including:

  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • wrong day regimen;
  • neglected diseases;
  • stress at work;
  • self-doubt and much more.

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